Diddy has taken to his Instagram account to share an image of himself with Jay-Z and at the same time react to Kendrick Lamar‘s claims of being the King Of New York on “Control.” Diddy cracked a joke at rappers taking their good ol time and asked what’s next.

You probably seen the meme image of Jay-Z and Diddy laughing court side before, but in this rare occurrence, Diddy is using the image to perfection.

Diddy Reacts To Kendrick Lamar Calling Himself King Of New York

With an image of himself and Jay-Z sitting court side at a basketball game, Diddy visually responds to Kendrick’s claims of being the King Of New York.

Let’s hope more comes of this. A Jay-Z response would be great for Hip Hop and hey, Hov is probably the biggest rapper to ever hail from NYC.