That posthumous Aaliyah album that her family wants no part of may never be coming out, but that doesn’t stop Drake from playing some of the tunes that “40” mashed Drizzy on to in local New York City clubs.

Word On Road has gathered some Instagram clips of Drizzy‘s recent appearance at Griffin where he DJ’d and partied it up with French Montana. In the clips you can hear a few tunes Drake spun live, one of which features Aaliyah titled “Talk Is Cheap“. The other is a grittier rap track which we could be hearing in full sometime soon.

Drake “Talk Is Cheap” Feat. Aaliyah

Drake playing this music live could be considered disrespectful, considering that during a recent interview with Rolling Stone, producer Noah “40” Shebib denounced the posthumous Aaliyah album, revealing that Aaliyah‘s mother didn’t want it out. He said Aaliyah‘s mother didn’t approve of the project and personally told him she didn’t want it out after hearing 7 songs “40” created with her unreleased vocals. “40” said he wasn’t comfortable and didn’t like the stigma.

“We released [‘Enough Said’], but I was seven songs deep,” the producer said. “[Aaliyah’s] mother saying, ‘I don’t want this out,’ was enough for me. I walked away very quickly.”