During an interview with Vlad TV, Dizaster called out Lupe Fiasco to a rap battle. Dizaster believes that Lupe Fiasco talks too much on social media and other outlets.

Dizaster has had heated exchanges with Lupe Fiasco on Twitter in the past, and now he wants Lupe to “jump in the shark tank and get a limb ripped off of him.”

“he’s supposed to be this positive figure for hip hop and all this shit, and he has millions of followers, and he’s just gonna tweet to people you guys are wack type of shit…and it’s like, cool. So I just started talking sh*t back to him and ever since it’s just been some crazy sh*t with him, and he’s just one of those dudes who starts tweeting wack ass punchlines and thinking he’s a rapper cause he can tweet bars. Corny ass sh*t…don’t talk about battling…shut the f*ck up” -Dizaster

In the clip, Dizaster mocks Lupe Fiasco for jumping to different trends including skateboarding…and being Muslim.

“first he was a skater, now he’s like Muslim and you know all this sh*t and trying to debate me…and I just can’t stand the dude. You know what I’m saying? He’s a f*ckin idiot.”

Do you want to see Dizaster battle Lupe Fiasco?