DJ Big Mike was under surveillance since 2009 and arrested in 2011 for music piracy. It’s 2013, Big Mike has beat the case and now he is revealing why this whole thing came about. It’s because of a statement from Trap-A-Holics to the Danbury Police Department.

According to several documents DJ Big Mike has just made public, Trap-A-Holics who are most known for their work with Waka Flocka and their signature drop “damn son, where’d you find this” apparently snitched on him back in 2009.

In scanned legal documents DJ Big Mike made public, Santos Figueora better known to the Hip Hop community as “Tos” of “Trap-A-Holics” ratted on DJ Big Mike, a friend he known for over 10 years.

Check out the documents Big Mike shared after the break.

Trap-A-Holics Snitch On DJ Big Mike 1

Trap-A-Holics Snitch On DJ Big Mike 2

Trapaholics Snitch