It’s definitely not summer time and it’s only about eighteen degrees where I’m at right now, but that doesn’t mean DJ Khaled can’t drop another “hood” track to heat things up.

Last night DJ Khaled released the first street single for his upcoming Cash Money album We The Best Forever, featuring a select few of Hip Hop’s current elite players. Khaled rallied up Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne and T-Pain for his latest track and it’s outcome? Hood.

The track opens with DJ Khaled’s standard shout outs, then he asks: Where the hood at? Followed by T-Pain’s chorus.

Welcome to my hood/
Everybody know everybody/
And if I got it everybody got it.

Welcome to my hood/
Look at all these old school Chevy’s/
24?s so you know we roll heavy.

Welcome to my hood/
They outside playing hopscotch/
And every know this is the hot spot.

Welcome to my hood/
Them boys will put you down on your knees/
(Woop, woop) That’s the sound of the police/
In my hood.

Rick Ross then picks up where T-Pain left off, rapping about Audemars, diamonds, money and cars. Plies then screams about eviction notices and child support payments, while letting us know he would rob Norega, the real Norega in the procress.

Lil Wayne opens up his verse letting us know he’s on probation:

“B-tch I’m on probation, so my nerves bad… and they say time fly’s, well mine’s first class.”

Later, he refers to his prison stint as “hell,” letting us know he’s back:

“Back from hell, cell 23, tell the warden kiss my ass… pockets on Monique.

Weezy finishes his verse:

“I don’t see nobody, see nobody like a head shot, All that bullshit is for the birds, throw some bread out. Got it sewn up, check the thread count.”

Yep, Wayne closes his verse mentioning thread counts. Try and say that isn’t hood!

During the last line of T-Pain’s final chorus, Lil Wayne interrupts, stating he says “f-ck the police” in his hood.