Earlier this week, DMX and Machine Gun Kelly were the special guest performers at DGK’s Gone Mental Agenda Party and during DMX’s set he gave his fans a sample of what’s to come from Undisputed by performing the project’s forthcoming single “I Don’t Dance” featuring Machine Gun Kelly.

Kenny Update: First DMX put out a “Freestyle” using an old verse from an older song yesterday, now today this video surfaced of him performing a “new song” with Machine Gun Kelly. Once I watched this video Levar posted, I knew what DMX was spitting sounded real familiar. I did a simple Google search of the lyrics DMX was spitting and found the song that was in my mind watching this video. It’s a song that surfaced in 2008/2009 titled “Y’all Ni**az”. Stream that song after the jump and just see how DMX is giving us recycled material.