DMX loves the chubby women. In an interview with XXL, Dark Man X revealed he wants to work with both Adele and Sade. When asked why he wants to collaborate with Adele, DMX responded “I love chubby girls.” As for Sade, DMX simply responded “I love her.” Well, that’s nice to know, X. Anyway, what would a DMX & Adele or DMX & Sade collaboration sound like? The thought itself has me interested, that’s for sure.

X who is one to never hold back recently vented his thoughts on Young Money’s Drake, revealing on The Breakfast Club morning show that he don’t like anything about him.

DMX recently debuted his new single “I Don’t Dance” featuring Machine Gun Kelly, but the song has yet to appear on any digital outlets for purchase. DMX is currently working on his new album Undisputed which is set for a March 27th release.