The wait is almost over. Dr. Dre will release a new album, and it’s not Detox.

In an interview with Rap-Up TV, former Aftermath recording artist and Floetry member Marsha Ambrosius opened up about working with Dr. Dre‘s production team on a top-secret project. Marsha didn’t say exactly what the project is, but she did let the beans spill and revealed that Dr. Dre‘s next album isn’t titled Detox.

There was hope for a Detox release in 2010/2011 when after a decade since announcing the album Dr. Dre released two singles, Kush” featuring Snoop Dogg and Akon, plus I Need A Doctor” featuring Eminem. Some time after videos for both songs dropped, Dre vanished and so did hope for a Detox release.

Early this morning Marsha debuted her new single “Stronger” featuring the good doctor from her upcoming album Friends & Lovers. It debuted exclusively on Dre‘s Beats Music — the same killer app which made Dr. Dre the first billionaire in Hip Hop.

Marsha Ambrosius‘s new single featuring Dr. Dre is available for your listening pleasure now.

Marsha Ambrosius Says Dr. Dre’s Next Album Isn’t Detox

Detox was a title that was thrown around so many years ago. So there’s so many other things in the works. We need to not have to be concerned about anyone detoxing–that sounds like a fitness center now. No, you’ll see something else,” said Marsha Ambrosius.

So Dr. Dre has been working on new music for an album release, and it’s not titled Detox. That isn’t much information but its something. It’s unknown when exactly the project will release but lets hope for good things to come in the future.

stronger single

Single cover artwork for Marsha Ambrosius’s “Stronger” featuring Dr. Dre.

Stay tuned to Rap Dose for new information on Dr. Dre‘s next album.