Diddy reportedly punched Drake in the face…

According to TMZ, Drake and Diddy got into a fight early this morning outside of a Miami nightclub.

Inside sources tell TMZ that Diddy confronted Drake outside of LIV, where they were both spotted partying earlier. Diddy reportedly began screaming back and forth with Drake, before telling Drizzy that “you will never disrespect me” and punching him in the face. The punch is said to have stunned Drake, but he wasn’t knocked out.

Another source, MMG‘s DJ Sam Sneaker says there is much more to the story and it will all come out sooner or later. According to the DJ, Drake caught a 3-piece from Diddy, that left him running to the hospital. He also says Drake has a dislocated shoulder.

drake diddy fight tweets

DJ Sam Sneaker tweets about Diddy and Drake fight

We’ll keep you updated as more on this story develops. We hear there may even be footage.