Drake confronted tattoo artist Kevin Campbell at Will Rise in L.A.

As you may recall, we recently posted a video of Drake threatening the tattoo artist who did the famous Drake forehead tattoo on a fan which led to the tattoo artist responding to Drake’s threats.

Well, according to a Twitter user, who was retweeted by the actual tattoo artist who did the forehead tattoo, Drake rolled up to Will Rise Tattoo Shop in LA where Kevin Campbell (the tattoo artist) works at a few nights ago looking for trouble.

Drake reportedly sat in his vehicle while sending his bodyguards into the shop to confront Kevin Campbell. Kevin Campbell confirmed this on twitter responding to another user “guess you could call it sorted out. When Drake was in LA last, he parked out front the shop and sent in his huge security dude.”

Not much is known about what happened, but I thought this was interesting enough to post.

Don’t get yourself in trouble, Drake!

Photos of the tweets after the jump.

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