This could be us but you playin’.

While on set of Usher‘s new video, Drake and Nicki Minaj continued their fake relationship by hitting up 7-Eleven. Cameras captured everything.

Watch as Drake jokes about splurging on Nicki Minaj, as she calls him Daddy. Nicki seems comfortable buying snacks at 7-Eleven, while Drake looks like its his first time ever being in the popular store. He even critiques Nicki Minaj as she looks at a particular snack, and says it looks like it will shave 6 months off of her life. Aww how romantic.

The video spawned several memes on social media. My favorites are the one where Nicki Minaj tells Lil Kim to move, and the one where Nicki‘s real-life man, SB aka Safaree is caught creeping.