It’s no secret that Drake loves BlackBerry — he’s famously known to rhyme while reading from one when “freestyling“.

Over the last few years, BlackBerry has hit a major decline with the success of Apple‘s iPhone and Android devices. With physical keyboard-less smartphones dominating the market, could a fan of BlackBerry, Drizzy Drake, help the tech company make a comeback? That’s a good question, and BlackBerry may just have the answer.

According to Tech Crunch, Drake is in talks to help launch the BlackBerry Classic smartphone which will be like a mash-up of the BlackBerry Q10 and Bold 9900 but with BlackBerry‘s new OS 10 running on it. It’s also going to have a 3.5 inch touch screen.

drake blackberry bold

BlackBerry reportedly will have Drake promote the phone as well as say he’s involved in its design process which is likely a truth. The tech-savvy BlackBerry Classic QWERTY smartphone drops in November.