Belfast Telegraph is reporting that not only is Drake and Rihanna a couple, but things are getting serious.

According to their sources, Drizzy and Rih Rih can’t get enough of each other. The two are supposedly in love so much, that Drake has taken a huge step and asked Rihanna to move in with him.

“Rihanna is smitten right now and wants to be with Drake all the time. She’s telling people that’s he’s such a gentleman and has been surprising her by having her favourite whisky cocktails sent up to their suite,” an insider told British magazine Heat. “Moving in with him so soon after getting back together may seem fast, but they’re reigniting something from a long time ago so they feel closer than couples who’ve just started dating.”

The British magazine Heat also says Drake has already given Rihanna keys to his Los Angeles home.

Rihanna and Drake had relations in the past, and the two have created some great music because of it. Lets see where this takes them.