Listen, there is no denying that Drake is a highly respected musician. He has countless hits, and just about every feature he does turns the song to gold. Having said that, I feel one aspect of celebrity that Toronto born Aubrey Graham Drake has struggled with is personal style. His taste in clothing, although often expensive is not necessarily good. I’m not sure if his mom still dresses him, or if he needs to fire his stylist but for Drake something has got to change. Yes he’s been in GQ and other fashion magazines, but sadly that just tarnishes their reputation. Take a look at these 10 horrendous outfits that are still haunting Drake’s past after the jump.


Yes, that opening paragraph did read “Toronto born Aubrey Graham Drake “. It’s a good thing Canadians don’t listen to rap music (I can say that because I’m Canadian) otherwise Drake’s record sales would probably decline from this one. I understand Drake spends the majority of his time in the United States but you gotta rip that patch off and show your true heritage! Also, the sunglasses & plaid combo reminds me of a line from HBO’s new series Girls. “Don’t let the guy in plaid rape me, don’t let the guy in plaid rape me”.