Songs Eminem Should Perform If He Ever Does A “B-Sides” Concert

Due to his popularity, mainstream singles that had a chance at radio are usually what everybody talks about when Eminem becomes a topic of discussion. There isn’t anything wrong with that, Eminem has had tons of great singles. Songs with impeccable raw emotion like “The Way I Am,” “Stan,” “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” and “Lose Yourself” — or catchy pop radio hits like “The Real Slim Shady,” “My Name is” and “Without Me” quickly come to mind. But every true Eminem “Stan” knows his best work can be found the deeper you dive into his catalog.

Jay-Z is performing back-to-back shows for his hardcore fans on May 15th and 16th to support the launch of his Tidal music streaming service. At Jay-Z‘s “B-Sides” concerts Hov will perform his classic album cuts that he hasn’t performed in a long time, or has never performed at all. Much like Jay-Z, Eminem has an extensive collection of songs he rarely performs that often go under-looked. Personally, I love the idea of what Jay-Z is doing with his B-Sides concerts and think more artists should embrace their album cuts and hidden gems. One of the artists who has to do a B-Sides concert? Eminem!

With 8 major studio albums, 2 D-12 albums, the 8-Mile film soundtrack, and a Bad Meets Evil EP under his belt, there is a lot of tracks Eminem could choose to perform. So I took my time listening to each of Em‘s projects over and over, and used my knowledge of the Detroit Rap superstar to make a list of tracks I’d like to see live. Spoiler alert: there are 72 of them. Oh, and I included a Spotify playlist. Why? Because I Just Don’t Give A Fuck.

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