Rolling Stone rounds out 2012 with 4 covers and a 50 greatest Hip-Hop songs of all time list. Now we know Eminem, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, & Jay-Z will each have their own cover, but what song will end up at #1? Find out for yourself when the issue hits newsstands next week.

Update: The Top 10 have been revealed. See the list below.

Rolling Stone’s Top 10 Greatest Hip-Hop Songs of All Time:
1. “The Message” – Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five
2. “Rapper’s Delight” – Sugarhill Gang
3. “Planet Rock” – Afrika Bambaataa & the Soul Sonic Force
4. “Sucker M.C.’s” – Run-DMC
5. “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” – Geto Boys
6. “Nuthin’ But a ‘G’ Thang” – Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg
7. “Fight the Power” – Public Enemy
8. “Juicy” – Notorious B.I.G.
9. “Straight Outta Compton” – N.W.A.
10. “Paid in Full” – Erik B. and Rakim

Source: AO