Is Eminem secretly recording a new album with D-12? He shocked the world in 2013 with the followup to his highest selling and most controversial album to date The Marshall Mathers LP. So it’s no secret to Slim Shady fans that Marshall enjoys a good surprise and he might just be ready to do it all again, this time with the help of some old friends.

In an interview with The Detroit Free Press, past Eminem producer, Mark Bass, revealed that he’s mixed new D-12 songs at F.B.T. Studios in Detroit, three of which feature Em as an active member of the Dirty Dozen.

Since the death of D-12 member Proof in 2006, it seemed like we would never get a new album from the group with Slim Shady‘s participation. With new material being recorded, those days might finally be over, and a new D-12 album could be on the horizon.

D-12‘s first album Devil’s Night debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 in 2001 with 372,000 copies sold in it’s first week. The followup and the last album to be released featuring the group as a whole, D-12 World, released in 2004. The album was a success moving over 500,000 copies in it’s first week, also debuting at #1 on Billboard.