Could The “Rap God” begin 2015 with an $8 Million loss?

Raymond Jones of rap group Hot Stylez is suing Eminem for sampling “Lookin Boy” without permission. According to TMZ, Raymond Jones is suing Em for exactly $8 Million (that’s an eight with SIX zeroes after it) — after sampling 25 seconds of the viral “Lookin Boy” track on his “Rap God” single from The Marshall Mathers LP 2. Raymond Jones says the 25-second sample was never cleared.

Rappers, always make sure to clear those samples.

In 2013, after Eminem‘s “Rap God” was released, Hot Stylez released a freestyle over Eminem beats titled “Rap Fraud” dissing him for not paying homage to them. We’ll let you know if Eminem decides to counter-sue.

Hot Stylez – Rap Fraud