To celebrate the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2, Eminem will team up with Iron Man on the cover of the upcoming Mighty Avengers #3 comic book. The variant cover drawn by Salvador Larroca features Marshall and your favorite Avenger sitting on the steps outside of the house Em grew up in at 19946 Dresden in Detroit.

The house which is now condemned is featured on both of Eminem‘s popular MMLP album covers. The house became iconic when it was featured on the first Marshall Mathers LP cover. MMLP 1 managed to go diamond selling over 10,000,000 copies.

Mighty Avengers #3 drops November 16th and only one Eminem variant cover copy will be available per retailer.

Eminem‘s manager Paul Rosenberg spoke about the cover:

“When the opportunity came up for us to do a variant cover with Eminem and Marvel, we immediately thought about how cool it would be for Eminem to be sitting with one of his favorite super heroes on the steps of the now abandoned house that he grew up in,” says Eminem’s manager Paul Rosenberg, CEO of Goliath Artists, Inc. and President of Shady Records. “It ties together perfectly with the campaign for ‘The Marshall Mathers LP 2.’”

Eminem and Salvador aren’t strangers of each others work. In 2009 Salvador Larroca drew Eminem with The Punisher for a special comic book that came packaged with XXL Magazine.

Eminem Punisher

After Mighty Avengers #3 Salvador Larroca won’t have any problem working with Eminem again in the future.

“Since I’m a big fan of Eminem, it’s a great honor that he wanted me for this project,” Larroca says. “It really was a gift for me having the chance to team with him. If he needs me again in the future, I’ll be ready for the challenge!”

Salvador on drawing Eminem and Iron Man together:

“From what I know, Marshall is a big fan of the character, as am I, so it was very exciting drawing them both again,” he notes. “As you know, I’m not the current regular Iron Man artist, but that character is in my heart. Drawing them both has been a pleasure. My only regret is that it was just the cover, would have loved something bigger!”

Source: Marvel