It’s been a while since I labeled something I posted on this site a failure, but this time the fail is inevitable.

Remember Lil Zane? Well, he’s back. Out of nowhere Lil Zane has returned, taking shots at The Game, Tyler, The Creator and others over Kanye West and Jay-Z’s Hit-Boy produced “Ni**as In Paris” instrumental. So what’s Lil Zane’s motive?

Earlier this year while on his promo run for The R.E.D. Album, Game was interviewed and asked who his top five worst rappers of all time were. In the list, like any other hip hop listener would, he named Lil Zane. But, Why is Zane attacking Tyler? I personally don’t know. Heck, this year Tyler made Lil Zane’s name trend on Twitter. He should be giving Tyler a check. In the clip we see a video of Tyler joking saying he’s Lil Zane but does that really give you the motive to send a diss out, Zane?  Sigh.

Watch the video and laugh uncontrollably. That’s what this video was made for.  I think.

Read Tyler, The Creator’s reaction to the diss after the jump.

tyler the creator lil zane diss reaction