In case you missed it, Yesterday we posted pictures of Fat Joe spray painting graffiti art on Lil Wayne’s wall in his Miami mansion. Today Fat Joe is commenting on the “Joey Crack” art and how it went down.

“I live down the block, across the street from him and yesterday, the nigga called me up and said, ‘Please, Joe, it would be an honor if you do a TS Joey Crack piece in my house.’ Never in my life [have I done graffiti in someone’s house]. I tried to talk him out of it like, ‘Wayne, forreal, you have a gazillion dollar mansion…please don’t do this.’ He was like, ‘Nah, Crack, I got a spot right there for you.’ I was like, ‘Wayne…why?’ He said, ‘Crack, we need it.’
I was a little rusty, I can’t front, I was rusty, but it was almost like riding a bike…once you’re half way through, it’s like, ‘Oh shit, I got this.’ That shit came out right, though. I’m proud of that shit.’

He got ramps on his ceiling and all that shit. Yeah, he’s doing that to the highest level. I was there and he was building a fucking skateboard. He was like, ‘Yo Crack, you got to put this here.’ He found a new love, something he loves to do and that’s dope. He’s living and drinking and eating the skateboarding shit.”

Source: XXL