Fat Joe recently announced that his new volume of his ‘The Darkside’ series (The Darkside Vol. 2) would be a mixtape. Early this morning on Twitter, Fat Joe tweeted the official cover artwork for the upcoming project. Peruse the cover above, and read an excerpt of a recent interview of Joey Crack talking about the project with XXL below.

I don’t even know, that’s just shit I said. I’m working on a new album now, but it’s not even a Darkside album, it’s a lifestyle album. We gonna do Darkside 2 and maybe the lifestyle will be put out together, Darkside 2 as a mixtape, and the other album, lets not just called it a lifestyle album, will consist of all types of music. Not just underground, hardcore, but everything. The new music is due out around June. I can guarantee there will be some hits on it. It’s got production from Jim Johnson, Rico Love, Scott Storch and I’m going to reach out to Scoop DaVille.