The most reliable source of valuable information (sarcasm), MediaTakeOut dropped a story yesterday claiming that Lil Wayne met with a 16 year old fan and “spent the night” with her while smoking illegal drugs violating his parole. Like anything MediaTakeOut posts it could be true, it could be false, but this time the girl who Lil Wayne supposedly violated has came out, claiming she only spent the night with Weezy as a fan, nothing happened and she took photos with who she calls “the best rapper alive”. Everything’s good and fine about this video and we have no reason not to believe her, but why is she so obviously reading off a script?

At the end of the day, if there’s pictures MTO will turn it into a news story anyway they can. Anybody with a reputation, don’t let photos be taken if you think they can someway generate a MediaTakeOut post. Also, Lil Wayne always make sure the ID says 18 and stop letting people take pictures of you violating your parole.

Click here to see MediaTakeOut’s original post if you have no clue what this female is responding to.