Listen To Fetty Wap’s Self-Titled Debut Album

Tomorrow (September 25th) Fetty Wap will release his long awaited self-titled debut album. You can stream it a little bit early, thanks to NPR. The album holds 20 songs from Fetty Wap, some new and some of which you may have already heard on his Soundcloud page, just remastered.

1. “Trap Queen”
2. “How We Do Things” (Feat. Monty)
3. “679” (Feat. Monty)
4. “Jugg” (Feat. Monty)
5. “Trap Luv”
6. “I Wonder”
7. “Again”
8. “My Way” (Feat. Monty)
9. “Time” (Feat. Monty)
10. “Boomin”
11. “RGF Island”
12. “D.A.M.”
13. “No Days Off” (Feat. Monty)
14. “I’m Straight”
15. “Couple Bands”
16. “Rock My Chain” (Feat. M80)
17. “Rewind” (Feat. Monty)
Deluxe Edition:
18. “Let It Bang”
19. “For My Team” (Feat. Monty)
20. “Whateva” (Feat. Monty)