Uh oh. Looks like Flo Rida has seen 50 Cent‘s boxing match challenge and is open to fight.

Days ago 50 Cent during an interview said if he ever had a boxing match with another rapper, he’d want it to be with Flo Rida because they both match up physically. Looks like 50 Cent may get his wish.

After seeing the video where 50 Cent jokingly made the challenge, Flo Rida has now responded to 50 and said “let’s go!” on his Instagram account.

May we actually see a fight between 50 Cent and Flo Rida? It could happen. The Miami based hit-maker just wants 50 Cent to tell him when he’s ready.

Screenshot of Flo Rida‘s responses to Fif‘s challenge after the break.

Flo Rida Responds To 50 Cent's Boxing Match Challenge:

Flo Rida 50 Cent Boxing Match

Who do you think will win in a boxing match, 50 Cent or Flo Rida?

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