Floyd Mayweather Will Free Suge Knight After His Biggest Fight Yet

After Floyd Mayweather fights Manny Pacquiao Saturday at the MGM Grand in Vegas he will be $180 Million dollars richer. It’s his biggest fight to date and he’s guaranteed to earn that much whether he wins or loses the main event bout. What does Floyd plan on doing with the winnings? According to Suge Knight‘s attorney, Floyd Mayweather will take a small bit of what he earns and post the whopping $10 Million bail required to get Suge out of prison. Why? Because according to Suge‘s attorney, they’re good friends.

Suge Knight is facing murder charges for a fatal hit-and-run. If Floyd Mayweather really posts Suge Knight‘s bail, he will be free to hit the streets next week.

Suge Knight goes to trial for murder on July 7th.