Four people were shot at SOBs in New York City just after midnight last night during a Fat Trel mixtape release party for his new project SDMG.  The shots were fired by a lone gunman who allegedly unloaded his entire clip into the ground. The victims were described as three men and a woman. Two were struck in the foot and two were grazed in the leg, a source said.

The argument started when a Bloods gang member from New Jersey approached the stage and started to diss New York City, witnesses claim. It’s also said that there was a stampede of people trying to get out as shattered glass and a falling table injured a few others during the incident.

One male fled the scene in a black late-model Camaro. Police continue to search for the attacker.

More details as the story develops. See photos from the incident and Fat Trel‘s reaction on Twitter below.

fat trel sobs shooting