Listen and watch “Endless” by Frank Ocean

Tonight Frank Ocean went live on Apple Music and debuted new music for a performance art piece he calls “Endless”. For around an hour Frank Ocean could be seen building an “Endless” staircase from scratch as he debuted new songs like “In Here Somewhere”, “Sideways”, “Deathwish”, “Rushes”, “Florida”, “Slide On Me” “U-N-I-T-Y”, “Wither”, “Hublots”, “Mine”, and more.

You can stream the full “Endless” music film in which Frank Ocean played new songs on Apple Music.

Some believe this is Frank Ocean’s full album, while some are underwhelmed and just can’t believe that this is it. I’m one of those people.

UPDATE: According to Rolling Stone, Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry album is still coming this weekend.

Rolling Stone has confirmed that Endless is a different project from Boys Don’t Cry, the singer’s highly-anticipated follow-up to 2012’s Channel Orange. Apple will release that album this weekend.

UPDATE 2: Rolling Stone now claims that the new Frank Ocean album seperate from Endless dropping this weekend is actually not titled Boys Don’t Cry.