Frank Ocean is a different kind of artist, just like his Odd Future brothers, so in typical OFWGKTA fashion, Ocean is releasing a different kind of album this July, titled Channel Orange. Ocean released his most complex track to date, “Pyramids,” to rave reviews. “Pyramids” is just one, ten minute part of Ocean’s upcoming musical puzzle. Pitchfork attended Ocean’s listening session in NYC last night and came away with a few interesting bits of information in the way of included tracks and features. Ocean has included previously leaked and/or released tracks on Channel Orange, such as “Forrest Gump”, “Thinking About You”, “VooDoo” and a few others. Pitchfork reports that “Thinking About You,” a fan favorite, has been remastered for the album with some “gorgeous strings.” Andre 3000 makes a guest appearance on Channel Orange, and it sounds like the general consensus from critics is that the feature is a welcomed one. Earl, one of the more well known Odd Future members, also makes a guest appearance. Channel Orange will be out on July 17, 2012. Until then, keep dissecting “Pyramids” and the rest of Frankie Ocean‘s crazy catalogue of tracks.

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