Just when you think the Frank Ocean and Chris Brown beef is over, Frank continues to toy with him.

An old picture recently resurfaced of Grammy Award winning singer Frank Ocean rocking a t-shirt meant to look like a Wanted poster, featuring Chris Brown‘s happy mug and the words “stop domestic violence” on it.

The shirt makes light of Breezy‘s 2008 assault of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.

We’re unsure if Frank‘s shirt was purchased in a store, or if it’s a custom one he had made. Either way, it’s funny, but harsh.

frank ocean chris brown stop domestic violence t-shirt

Frank Ocean spotted wearing Chris Brown diss t-shirt

Frank and Chris have had a behind the scenes beef for a couple of years now, and at one point the situation got so bad that Chris‘ bodyguard fought Frank…supposedly over a parking space. Nothing was the same ever since.