Watch “Famous Remix” by French Montana featuring Adam Levine

Supporting Mama Hope, French Montana drops off a visual for “Famous Remix” featuring Adam Levine. Read what French Montana will do with 100% of the proceeds from this single below.

100% of French Montana’s royalties for the digital single “Famous” Remix feat. Adam Levine will be donated to Mama Hope. Purchase & Stream: Two other hospitals in the region were recently shut down therefore Suubi has the potential to serve hundreds of thousands of additional people with continued resourcing. The proceeds from “Famous” Remix will allow Suubi to expand construction and access to water which will ultimately provide health access to thousands more families across the country. Because of the incredible impact French has had, and the quality of services Suubi has been able to offer, their footprint has expanded: -This year, Suubi will be working with a population of over 450,000 people. -Many of their unique services are the only ones offered in the region. Through smart social entrepreneurship, French and team’s funding has enabled Suubi to jump it’s locally generated income from 31% to 56%. Construction is in progress on the main hospital block, mini-theater / antenatal ward, bathrooms, staff houses and more. Just this week alone Suubi immunized 1,500 people. MAMA HOPE is in the midst of seeking ~$225K in order to complete Suubi “Hope” Health Center.