Watch Funkmaster Flex Have An Emotional Breakdown Talking About Tupac On Instagram Live

Funkmaster Flex went live on Instagram last night to discuss why he has been speaking on Tupac Shakur 20 years after he passed. The legendary New York DJ got very emotional during the broadcast and even began to cry at one point. Watch the full Funkmaster Flex IG Live rant below.

It got so Real…. tonight on Flex’s IG LiVE he decided to talk to the ppl about Why he spoke on PAC, and why he has the right to discuss this… because he was around and had relationships AND why it’s so close to his heart. He mention where PAC is from, when Funk Started, Why TI may not understand, what he said and how he said it that wasn’t right, G Code, How BIG was, that PAC wasn’t truthful about the robbery and that lead to BIG’s death, and finally Flex spoke on Suge… and it’s not negatively, not too much at least. A must watch!

My response to all this nonsense…