Dirty Sprite 2, Stream Of Consciousness

We are living in the Future! Not like the future of the world or anything like that, but rather the energy-based, drug-induced, codeine lullabies sung by the rapper Future. It’s like his music career and the stars have joined forces to create the Super-Future. The Freebandz Gang captain’s latest album entitled Dirty Sprite 2, or DS2 (for legal reasons), is finally out. Serving as a sequel to his 2011 mixtape Dirty Sprite, DS2 describes the many depths of Future, while vividly circling around 3 main topics; Drugs, Sex and Rock & Roll, in that order. DS2 is set up as a mixtape, while clearly including all the essential elements of a perfect album. I call it “Explorative Trap Music”.

Everyone’s obsession with Future and his music has snowballed into a giant online community dubbed the #FutureHive. This is where you can find all things Future; from his most quotable quotes, to the Memes that came from those quotes. It all started after The 3 Peat Series released. The 3 Peat Series of course includes Monster, Beast Mode and 56 Nights. Those mixtapes were the main cause for the effect Future‘s music would have on the world. The tapes gradually took over the rap community and it all happened so organic. The Future Hive lead to something more, the Future Apocalypse. There is a lot of talk going around about who is the bigger day 1 fan. The fact of the matter is DS2 is such a complete work of art. Future’s old fans, new fans and non-fans can all agree (or should agree) that Dirty Sprite 2 has set a new standard for a solo rap album.

Dirty Sprite 2 seems to be almost entirely produced by young Metro Boomin. Southside of 808 Mafia accompanies Metro, along with some other help from the likes of Sonny Digital and Elijah Sacii.  All persons involved are proud representations of Atlanta and their music scene right now.

The album opens with Future mixing what sounds like a cup of ice, sprite soda, and the “dirty”, hence the album title Dirty Sprite 2. Search Google for further clarification. Off top, “Thought It Was A Drought” has interesting imagery. Future manages to compare the Actavis codeine shortage, to the Nations depleting water supply. I forgot to mention that DS2 has one feature on it, but we will get to that later.

“I Serve The Base” is a dirty street anthem with an ultra dirty synth bassline to accompany it. Sounds like the ghost of Rick Rubin blessed this record, but again that is the vibe of the young Atlanta producer scene; mixing the indie rock/electronica sound with Rap. Future Hendrix flexes the entire record, while drug wheeling and dealing. House parties won’t be ready for this when it hits. Neither will clubs.

Future and Drake perform during the Hot 107.9 Birthday Bash 20 at Philips Arena on Saturday, June 20, 2015, in Atlanta. (Photo by Katie Darby/Invision/AP)

As I stated before, Future allowed one feature on DS2. That feature? Bitch you guess it!!! Drake somehow finagled his way onto the hottest rap album of the year. “Where Ya At” is another hot street record with high radio play potential. Let’s be honest, Dirty Sprite 2 is an album for the streets and not for the bubble gum poppers.

The brief intro to “Groupies” is pure gold! The heavy piano riff sets up the energy for what ends up being an absolute turn up record. There are elements from The 3 Peat mixtapes recordings, but “Groupies” still has such a progressive feel to it. Sonny Digital sounds are slightly recognizable.

“Lil’ One” is produced by Metro Boomin, Southside and Elijah Sacii of 808 Mafia. “Lil’ One” seems to resonate with Dirty Sprite referring to it in other records on the album. Still unsure of the significance though.

DS2 is giving me mixed emotions. Up to this point it was “Thought It Was A Drought” that had my attention most. Now it is “Stick Talk”. Everything I could ever want in life I feel when hearing “Stick Talk”.

DS2 seems to have a very psychedelic indie vibe to it. Countless guitar riffs and grand piano chops can be found within. “Freak Hoe” though, definitely has more of a dirty south feel to it in my opinion. Future always seems to be doing donuts in a six with a female. The man is a rock star in the most subtle of ways.

“Rotation” makes me want to create an entire one hour playlist consisting of just this record and go play pop up shows all over LA. This song is perfect for the pre-party. Also would work at the climax and even to close out a party. It’s perfect. Southside and Metro are a great team. I’m interested to know who organized what on this record.

“Slave Master” had me feeling so many different emotions right from the start. The saddest strings, like something out of a blockbuster open the song and by the time the drums hit you’re already hooked. Addicted if you will. The title might be suggestive, but the imagery is far from what you would expect. All I’m seeing is neon lights and kaleidoscope dreams when I close my eyes. Future closes the song by paying homage to ASAP Yams, “Long Live ASAP Yams, I’m on that codeine right now”.

We have had a chance to digest “Blow A Bag” before DS2 released. In a time where entertainment becomes stale after a matter of hours, I’m still playing this song until the fat lady sings. Future said he didn’t want to put pressure on songs to be singles. No force needed. The melody is so tomorrow. Sonny Digital lends his brain as well for the production.

“Colossal” honestly sounds like a leftover from The 3 Peat Series. The thing is, it fits snug exactly where it’s placed on the track list. I believe everything happens for a reason. “Colossal” was no mistake. Atlanta veteran producer Zaytoven solely produced this record from what I’ve read, so it could very well be an extra hit off Beast Mode.

A ballad was necessary. Since 99% of Future music is made for strippers, this song will speak levels to women. It’s called “Rich $ex”. Future may have the best pen in the game at this very moment. His past proves he knows how to make a slow jam. That Rihanna record was beautiful and still haunts me to this day.

future ds2

“It got blood on that money and I still count it.” This hook best describes this song. Future tells truth and experience on Blood On the Money. “I know the devil is real, I know the devil is real”. Future got demons. We all do. I think that is why I have such an infatuation with his music.

That concludes the review of DS2‘s standard track listing. From here on out Dirty Sprite 2 consists of Bonus tracks included on the Deluxe Version. Certified mixtape classics, “Trap N****s” and “Real Sisters” are both thankfully included on this version. “Commas” too. There is also newly recorded bonus material such as “The Percocet and Stripper Joint” which speaks for itself. The biggest surprise here is the fact I have never heard a song with the word Percocet included in the title. “F**k Up Some Commas” acts as the outro to the Deluxe Edition. There is one major advantage to the deluxe version. A song called “Kno The Meaning” is added. This song had me lost in my own thoughts completely. I contemplated life while Future harmonized and rode the beat with his super-future melodies. Something interesting if you really listen is when he touches on the controversial Dubai trip where Dj Esco was held prisoner for “56 Nights”.

For those of you who may feel let down by the album, Future gave us exactly what we wanted. How can you be mad at that. Don’t ask why I completely connect with this album, but I do and the feeling is glorious. When I’m sad I listen to songs like “Codeine Crazy”. When I’m having a terrible day and nothing seems to be going my way, I put on “March Madness” and turn the volume to max! You know why so many people are supporting Future? He has portrayed himself to be one of the most honest rappers of our generation and also might have the most interesting and tragic life. Everyone can relate to those elements. DS2 easily surpasses my preconceived expectations.

future live

Dirty Sprite 2 deserves a complete listen before jumping to conclusions on how you think or assume the album will sound. I easily give this album a 9/10. Next thing we can pray for is the Mike Will x Future project Ape Shit. For now I will have all notifications pertaining to Future turned on.

Review Score: 9/10

Future announced a mini DS2 pre-tour, free tour, that will stop in 4 different states throughout the USA. First stop is the Freebandz home base, Atlanta.