Watch “Guala” By G-Eazy & Carnage

G-Eazy and Carnage release an official video fot their new collaboration “Guala”. The record will appear on their upcoming project Step Brothers.

Directed by Daniel CZ.

They discuss the video and project with Complex:

What was the inspiration behind going with the big heads?
G-Eazy: Really just fun to be honest and a cool idea. We wanted it to be sticky but not cheesy. Plus we didn’t have to do any special effects to Carnage’s head since its that size in real life.

You guys have a history that dates back to 2008, and have a come a long way since then. What would a 2008 version of you be most impressed by if they were to talk to you in 2017?
G-Eazy: For myself I’d probably be the most impressed that I got my mom a house and a car… and that the first car I bought in life for myself was my dream car. That plus the simple fact that I didn’t give up because in 2008 nothing was guaranteed. As for Carnage, I’d probably be the most impressed by how much much weight he’s been able to continually gain since 2008. It’s almost like a personal challenge for him.

​Carnage: 2008 me would be most impressed by the amount of respect I have gained from my peers and how much money I’ve made more than G.

Fans have been waiting for you guys to link up for more than a one-off, and this project feels like a step in that direction. What was it like getting back in the studio for an extended period?
G-Eazy: All jokes aside, It was easy, we did it in 2 nights. We’ve literally known each other forever and we both worked our asses off for years to come up and make it to this point. We’ve both always had that same level of ambition, even when we were unknown. That’s my brother for life so we’ll probably keep working together for the rest of our careers.

Carnage: We started working on this when G came back to reality and noticed how much he needed me in his life… so about 3 months ago hahahaha.