Listen to “92 Bars” by The Game

The Game goes off on Meek Mill for reasons unknown on the new diss track “92 Bars“. The Game’s new album 1992 drops October 14th.

The Game and Meek Mill are also going back and forth on Instagram today, with The Game even bringing up Nicki Minaj and calling Meek a snitch. According to TMZ, the beef stems back to an incident at a club where Sean Kingston’s jewelry was stolen. The Game and Meek Mill were both there that night and Game believes Meek Mill pointed fingers at him and his crew for what went missing.

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TMZ is also reporting that after The Game took to the stage and dissed Meek Mill in concert his vehicle was shot up in Miami this morning. A Mustang reportedly sped past the hotel Game was staying at and whoever was in the Mustang unloaded on Game’s ride. Thankfully, The Game was not harmed.