The Game is known to flaunt what he’s got (or in this case doesn’t got) on Instagram. He shared an image from his money vault on the popular image sharing social app…but it turns out the image isn’t even his and neither is the money.

The Game Fronting On Instagram

Read The Game‘s caption on the stolen money pic below:

Somebody told me yesterday: “Game, I love what you’re doing with #TheRobinHoodProject but you better stop giving all your money away before you go broke” ….. I thought about it, then I went home & opened the safe….. I think I’m good….. Merry Christmas tho lol #BloodMoney

This is the second…or third time Game has been caught stealing photos and fronting on Instagram. Recently the popular West Coast emcee stole pics of another man’s liquor bottles, and even made up a story about meeting Tupac. Oh the things one will do for Instagram likes.

Here is a photo of me in my money vault.

huell money breaking bad

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