Shit just got real. K-Mart have released their new back to school commercials starring “Da Rich Kidzz” and the ads are causing controversy. Apparently white America finds the commercials to be too “ghetto.” One commenter on K-Mart‘s website even said they won’t shop in a K-Mart store ever again because of the commercial, which they believe paints the kids in it as “thugs,” “gangsters,” and “hoodlums.”

My Limo” stars Da Rich Kidzz in an extremely corny (yet kid friendly) music video decked out in the latest clothing available at K-Mart. The kids can be seen in hoodies, and hats, rapping on the school bus and promoting K-Mart‘s back to school sale. HOODIES and RAP MUSIC? Be right back, I gotta lock my door.

Another ignorant commenter who wants the ad pulled believes Rap shouldn’t be counted as music. Why? Because it doesn’t include actual singing.

“The reason I think rap is horrible is because it shouldn’t even be counted as music because there is no actual singing,” –RebelGirll

She must have never heard of Drake.

But that’s not the worse of it, K-Mart‘s comments section is filled with more writing and oblivious statements about rap from the same demographic that was pleased George Zimmerman got off.

“The latest advertising campaign makes me see in my mind’s eye a parking lot full of “gangsters”, and I have no desire to venture there any longer, for fear of my own and my family’s safety. Maybe that’s why Target and McDonald’s use those cute little white kids. I think Kmart has just stereotyped itself.” -Grandma1234

Is it that serious?

“My Limo” K-Mart Commercial

The other K-Mart commercial sees kids cracking “Yo Momma” jokes about each other in a reverse bullying fashion, complementing one another’s mother for shopping at K-Mart. Again, an extremely cheesy commercial, but it’s labeled threatening because of the way the kid’s look and dress.

“Yo Momma” K-Mart Commercial

“Racism still alive they just be concealing it” -Kanye West