Ghostface Killah vs. Action Bronson

Action Bronson recently appeared on ESPN‘s Sports Nation and was questioned about Ghostface Killah comparisons. Bronson took a small shot at the rapper he undoubtedly sounds like and Ghostface is not having it. Today the legendary Wu-Tang Clan member responded with a six and a half minute long video. In the clip Ghostface responds to Action Bronson‘s comments, calls him a fat f*ck and lets him know that he knows his tour schedule. In other words, Ghostface Killah lets it be known that Action Bronson can get touched. Ghostface Killah even says he’ll light Action Bronson‘s beard on fire. Watch the viral video above.

If you never seen the original comments made on ESPN‘s Sports Nation that got Ghostface Killah riled up, watch below.

UPDATE: Action Bronson issues an apology.