GLC Talks About Kanye West Hospitalization, Trump Support And More

GLC, a longtime friend of Kanye West, opened up about the rapper. He explained his relationship with Kanye West and compared real life to the movie Get Out. He says Kanye West lost sight of the culture. GLC blames the death of Kanye’s mom, Ye surrounding himself with yes men, and drowning out his real friends. GLC breaks down how Kanye is adapting to being in the Kardashian family. Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner, supporting Trump, insane rants, hospitalization, and more plays a role in his craziness. Listen to the interview below.

It’s crazy to hear GLC talk about Kanye West as if he’s a thing of the past. Talking about who Kanye has become, GLC brought up Kanye dying his hair and how Ye used to make fun of Sisqo, Dennis Rodman, and Wesley Snipes doing the same thing. “When you’re a sponge, whatever you’re around, you become,” GLC says speaking on Kanye West adapting to Kim Kardashian’s lifestyle.