So much drama from last night’s taping of the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards. You’d think that all these grown men living better lives than most of us with their thousands to millions of dollars could act at least moderately civilized, but I guess not.

In this video you will see Gunplay get jumped by 5 members of 50 Cent‘s entourage. He’s able to drop one of them, but then a cowardly unknown person pepper sprays him. At that point Gunplay runs to 2Chainz‘ trailer, where he is inevitably arrested.

It’s pretty amazing that Rick Ross and the rest of MMG didn’t have Gunplay‘s back on this one, but sources close to Gunplay say these types of situations are not foreign to him. I guess Rozay figured he was better off fighting his own battles. They should have just put one of his 601 & Snort tracks on over the PA, and scattered the crowd with the gun samples.

I’ve also been laughing at the guy taping the incident on his cell phone camera since I saw this video. Takes a certain type of person to run around screaming “World Star Hip Hop”.

More as the story develops.