MMG artist Gunplay has been given a $150,000 bond and house arrest on Monday in connection to the robbery of man at a Miami tax business, according to his attorney.

“The state did not prove that Mr. Morales was a flight risk or a threat to the community,” said his attorney Michael Grieco in an email statement. “He should be home with his family shortly. This is first step in clearing his name so he can continue his emerging music career.”

The arrest warrant filed May 18th stated the 33-year-old rapper Gunplay (Richard Morales) , and codefendant Randy Jones robbed a man at a Miami tax business on April 13th. The victim said he has known Morales and Jones for over five years.

Upon finding out he was wanted for arrest, Gunplay turned himself in peacefully despite speculation he could be facing life in jail for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

The news comes as a relief to MMG, Gunplay & rap fans around the world who expected worse to come from the situation.

Source: NBC