In the main, most of us could be forgiven for not recognizing that music plays an essential role in the success of any game. Many of the great games out there have been backed up by a great soundtrack, sound effects and some have even taken their inspiration directly from music itself. Hip hop is one of the most popular genres of music today and has been for many years, so it is not surprising to find out that it has an extremely strong influence on games.

Grand Theft Auto Series

The Grand Theft Auto series is easily one of the biggest and most popular game series of all time. You could say that most games in the franchise have been influenced by hip hop but San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV took things to a whole new level. The radio stations you can listen to as you cruise through the hood feature some of the biggest hip-hop artists and tracks of all time, with the culture then transferred to the streets. No video game does hip hop like Grand Theft Auto.

Hip Hop Opotamus

It’s not just video games where hip hop has had a huge influence, with slot games also being influenced by the genre in some way, shape or form. One of the biggest developers in the industry is Microgaming and they delivered the Hip Hop Opotamus Slot game for their players to enjoy. It´s a 3-reel, 1-payline slot that stars a hippopotamus with hip-hop style, while also incorporating many hip-hop related features such as Busta Hippo, Rappers Delight and Funk You Up. This game is a perfect example of music can be incorporated into a game and enhance the player’s experience as well.

Def Jam Series

Like the Grand Theft Auto series, Def Jam was heavily influenced by hip hop, especially with the inclusion of artists such as Flava Flav, Fat Joe, Ice-T, Ludacris, Method Man and Scarface. The series featured installments such as Vendetta, Fight for NY and Icon and all came with a hip hop-based soundtrack, with the game’s characters all rappers too. Def Jam Records artists star as players, who go head to head to win fights and progress on the underground circuit. The story mode embraces hip hop culture as players can go on to customize their character.

Hip Hop Slots

Could you get a more hip-hop slot game than Hip Hop Slots? We don´t think so. The game which features 20-paylines comes with some cool hip-hop beats that accompany the gameplay superbly. There’s also a lucky prize and free bonus coins to keep an eye out for every 4 hours. The hip-hop theme added to HD visuals and HD music is ideal for any music fan, especially those who love their hip hop, with wilds, multipliers, mini games and the option to auto spin helping to take the gaming experience to the next level.

These examples prove just how easy it is to see just how big of an influence hip hop has had on different types of games over the years. It’s inspired a raft of video and slot games, all of which proved to be very successful in their respective fields. With hip hop as popular as ever, it will be interesting to see how new games use the genre going forward.