The internet went into a frenzy during last night’s Summer Jam XX festivities when Papoose hit the stage for a quick performance. Many people around the web were speculating major artists like Kanye West, Jay-Z, 50 Cent or others would be coming out for the crowd but the only surprise they ended up getting was a French Montana set cut short due to ” bad weather.” More rumors began flying around that Papoose cut into French’s set time and that he rushed the stage and wasn’t supposed to perform at all.

On the latest episode of The Realness Ebroski says that he has no idea how Papoose got on stage, but that Kendrick Lamar must have left time on TDE‘s set for him. Ebro says it was an inside job and blames Peter Rosenberg for allowing him on the main stage. Rosenberg reveals that Papoose looked out for K. Dot early in his career and that Kendrick was simply returning the favor. They also explained how French Montana almost missed Summer Jam yet again.

New single from Papoose coming soon.