Rapper I.K.E Introduces New App To Promote His “Trendsetter EP”

Hip Hop was birthed with a heavy assistance from technology. Nowadays, a few tech savvy artists are utilizing technology to help them in getting their music out there for the masses to hear. One such artist is I.K.E., who sits at the helm of The LAD Society. I.K.E has introduced a dynamic App to promote and sell his new EP entitled “The Trendsetter EP.”

Download The App: Google Play / Apple Store

I.K.E has enhance his brand with a custom App! The App is comprehensive and convenient. Once downloaded his fans can buy stuff from his custom e- commerce store directly off their mobile device. “The App is an easier way to find my music. It is simple and straight to the point,” raves the rapper. The LAD Society Mobile App is currently available in The Apple Store and The Google Play Store.

I.K.E’s charisma and strong stage presence, combined with his ability to craft stories about a wide array of subjects earned the wordsmith the respect of fans and caused the industry to take notice. His latest musical endeavor “The Trendsetter EP” is a tour de force. I.K.E takes the listener on an interesting journey into his world. Download the App today and check out this special piece of art.