I recently had the opportunity to have a quick chat with Philly born rapper Sean Falyon. With his project Sean Falyon Be Everywhere 3: Do Me No Favors (#SFBE3)  on the horizon, I thought what better time could there be to introduce the readers to this great and often overlooked artist.  You can check out the entire interview after the break, plus his new single “Mouthful Of Lies” and some more content I won’t spoil.

Let’s start off, for the people who don’t know. Who is Sean Falyon? How about a little history?

Sean: I’m a west Philly native residing in Atlanta,GA. Going on my 8th year as a resident of ATL. I’ve been blessed to see a lot. Musically the south has become a mainstay in hip-hop and I moved here amongst the transition of all that. I’ve always been a fan of southern music because alot of my family is from Georgia and South Carolina. I was very aware of the talent in the south but being from Philly, New York and whatever was considered east coast rap and was more accessible. In Philly growing up the people who were making it were Cool C, Steady B, Fresh Prince, 3 X Dope and all those guys. By the time I made it to highschool it was Major Figgaz, Ram Squad, Philly’s Most Wanted & State Property. This was the time I began rapping. I was about 13-14 and my right hand man til this day Dez from Parkside asked me to write a song with him. Ever since then I’ve been rapping.

What are your hobbies & interests other than rap?

Sean : For years I had my go at rapping, but never took it serious. I was all about money, chicks and having fun. At the time I felt that everybody I knew that was a rapper was broke, so I was like f**ck rap, I’ll just listen and watch these n***gas lie about having money. I was always a graphic artist from graffiti, painting and illustrating so I turned my attention to fashion, doing a t-shirt line. The t-shirt line sparked the move to ATL because a lot of my clients were celebs and rappers from the area. I did work for everyone from Bone Crusher, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon to Ludacris. The relationships I built from the line and the move to ATL had me in studios all the time. I would be in Stankonia (Outkast’s Studio), Zac’s, Treesound.

Wow, I think a lot of people would kill to start out with opportunities like that. Where did you decide to take your career from there?

Sean : One day in the studio with Bone Crusher he asked me to rap on a record with him and Cutty Cartel from Jim Crow. I laid a verse to the record. It was some other people in there and they were like “WHOA, What is your name”, Bone Crusher yelled out “SEAN FALYON“. From that day on I started taking music seriously. I worked on a lot of music and wrote records for artists, went on tour with Bone Crusher and was making good money. Bone Crusher was the first person to take me out of the country. I did my first lineup of shows in Germany performing my own set. Being from Philly we were used to just rapping, no song structure just straight spitting. Being around Bone Crusher and the big artists from the ATL of that time I learned how to make actual songs.He taught me a lot and was the first person to push me to build up my Sean Falyon brand.

I took that advice and went all the way in. I’ve been self-managed for the majority of my career. I’ve done sh*t half the people I know with deal are nowhere near doing. It’s crazy to me and I feel very blessed. I’ve been on vitamin water campaigns, had two videos on MTV and a third on the way. I’ve been on the front page of iTunes Hip-Hop “New & Notworthy” with the likes of Eminem, Kanye West, Jay-Z & Big Boi. LA times even allowed me to write my own article on how to do it yourself as an indie artist. Alot of this sh*t is unheard of for someone with no budget or big co-sign. F**k a co-sign lol.

Well that should probably give everyone a pretty good idea of who Sean Falyon is. But what about his music? What do you have out? What are some of your favorite songs / stand out tracks ?

Sean : To this day I’ve put out 3 projects. Sean Falyon Be Everywhere & SFBE2: West Philly 2 The World. As well as SFBE Jackin 4 Beats which is my latest. SFBE and SFBE2 were me just getting my feet wet and findind my sound, becoming comfortable with this career. I had a bunch of dope records and features on each of those… Like, “Attention” featuring Lloyd, “All I Know” featuring Freddie Gibbs, “Higher“, “Everywhere and Chasing“. The SFBE Jackin 4 Beats project was funny because I told myself I would never rap on already famous beats. It started as me just wanting to rap on “The Motto” beat as a fan of music, and then doing it. In the process of putting out “the jackings” I would jack the photos of the original artist and place my face over their’s like THIS IS MINE NOW. I went in on that tape and I really had fun with that sh*t. Some of my favorites from there are the 2 ChainzRiot” jack I did “SFBE Riot“, Rihanna‘s “Cake” turned into “SFBE Cake” and Wale‘s “Bait” turned into “SFBE Bait“. The homey @InfNYC exec produced that and gave me alley oops on alot of beats to take over. I shot a few visuals for those too so people need to definitely check out my site for those.

What’s in the future for Sean Falyon? What projects do you have on the horizon? Also, how can people contact you if they’d like to work with you or just say hey.

Sean : Right now all my focus is on my new project SFBE3 : Do Me No Favors. I feel like this one will wake up the dead. I’ve been taking time with this project and creating more records that I would want to hear over and over. The direction I took with this project is more me I feel. The others were me finding myself and this project is me “FOUND”. I dropped two songs already from it “Hold Up” produced by Grade A Muzik and “BackSeat Oven” produced by Javis Faux. The “Hold Up” record was just a big STFU to all the people that swear they know me or what I’m going through, and “Backseat Oven” is meant to encourage sex in automobile backseats…. plain and simple. Everybody needs to go to SeanFalyon.com, follow me on twitter @SeanFalyon and instragram : SeanFalyon. I just want to connect with the people who actually give a f**k that I’m making music. Everybody else can eat a dick, I don’t give critics permission to judge my music only fans and supporters have the right.

Well, allow me to judge your music, I’m a huge supporter of your work and I’ve included your brand new track “Mouthful Of Lies” below. It’s a complete and utter banger, and I’ve already listened to it about a dozen times . Thanks for the early look and the great interview! Best of luck in the future Sean, I hope you continue to “Be Everywhere”, and I can’t wait to grab a copy of #SFBE3.

Update: Added the official video for “Mouthful Of Lies“.