The world of hip hop is forever evolving. Refreshing talent rises to the top while others attempt to navigate the waters. The rise of the Internet and the thriving blogosphere as a result has allowed numerous talented artists an opportunity to be heard. One of those artists is South Florida spitter Denzel Curry. We had the opportunity to chat with the 18-year-old Carol City native and learned some interesting facts about the young rapper who just released his debut project Nostalgic 64.

Continue reading the interview where Denzel Curry talks about being influenced by Outkast, working with Lil Ugly Mane, his debut project and more below.

RapDose: South Florida has been put on the map with some great hip hop the past few years with acts like SpaceGhostPurrp, Metro Zu, Robb Banks, Yung Simmie, Pouya, and more. How do you feel you differentiate yourself from the various other artists in the area?

Denzel Curry: I blend surrealism and reality when I’m doing music I choose to not limit myself on just one universe when I’m rapping I’d rather make more in my music.

RapDose: What was your experience making the video for threats and then being on Rap Fix Live on MTV?

DC: The experience of making the video was fun but I was kind of sad the day making it because a good friend of mine took his own life the day before….then being on rap fix really uplifted my spirits because it showed how much hard work and dedication and timing can do for you.

RapDose: One of my favorite songs by you is “Twistin” with the mysterious Lil Ugly Mane. How did this collaboration come about? What was it like working with him?

DC: “Twistin” happened when I found out Lil Ugly Mane’s real identity and I asked to do a song with him, he agreed and sent me two beats “Twistin” and “Planet Shrooms.” Working with Lil Ugly Mane is cool because if you in his circle you should consider yourself lucky.

RapDose: I had the opportunity to see you live in D.C. a few months back. I just want to say that was a hell of an experience and ask what you do leading up to your shows? Do you have a special routine prior to performing?

DC: Naw I actually don’t have a special routine all I do is wait till the next man is done and just destroy it… during my shows I just get extremely angry so I can perform better.

RapDose: Nostalgic 64 is out now and features tons of impressive tracks. What is your favorite record off the debut project?

DC:Mystical Virus Part 3” is my favorite track off the tape.

RapDose: Do you plan on building a tour around the release? If so what are some cities you would enjoy performing in?

DC: One day I might do a tour. First off I want to go to California, Texas, and New York City.

RapDose: Who are some artists and producers you would like to work with in the future?

DC: C4, Organized Noize, Juicy J, Earthtone III producer-wise but as an artist I would like to work with Trash Talk, Earl Sweatshirt, and The Underachievers.

RapDose: Who has influenced your musical career the most to this point?

DC: Outkast and Three Six Mafia has influenced my music up to this point and OFWGKTA.

RapDose: Anything else you would like the readers to know?

DC: Everyone is made in God’s image.