J. Cole’s new album title and release date revealed

According to Amazon, J. Cole‘s new album, titled 2014 Forest Hills Drive will be released on December 9th. The project hasn’t been officially announced by J. Cole or his label, but it has been placed for pre-order a little bit too early on the popular digital retailer’s website. The label for the disc is Roc Nation / Columbia, which makes it look to be official.

The album is currently climbing the Amazon pre-order charts for the Rap music genre, and is at #7 on their top 100. The fact that it has already achieved this without being removed from Amazon solidifies the information here as real.

2014 Forest Hills Drive” is the address of a home J. Cole reportedly grew up in with his brother and mother, Kay. The KTT message board uncovered a supposed letter from J. Cole, where he mentions purchasing the home and having a special event at the house on November 29th, and 30th. The event is rumored to be a listening session for J. Cole‘s new album. Read the letter below.

2014 Forest Hills Drive Letter

2014 Forest Hills Drive Letter from J. Cole

The United Collective instagram account also posted an image of Juro Davis in the studio, where he posted the caption “finishing up the last few mixes for J. Cole‘s third studio album.”

j. cole album finished

The image has since been removed.

In the photo below, J. Cole is pictured being filmed at the supposed 2014 Forest Hills Drive location.

j. cole 2014 forest hills drive

J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive

Stay tuned for more information…

UPDATE: It’s official. 2014 Forest Hills Drive by J. Cole can be pre-ordered on iTunes as we speak. The album includes 13 new songs. Check out the album cover below, sitting on top of the home he grew up in.

J. Cole 2014 forest hills drive album cover

Official J. Cole 2014 Forest Hills Drive album cover