Watch The Trailer For J. Cole’s HBO Special 4 Your Eyez Only: A Dreamville Film

Following up last years HBO documentary Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming, J. Cole announces the follow up titled 4 Your Eyez Only: A Dreamville Film set to air on April 15th.

EW reports:

Interspersed with musical performances from his fourth album, the artist captured stories of lower-income residents in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Atlanta, Georgia; Ferguson, Missouri; Fayetteville, North Carolina (Cole’s hometown), and Jonesboro, Arkansas (his father’s hometown). “So many of us are hurting and we’re confused and we’re angry,” says one of the interview subjects in the trailer, while another confesses, “I’m going to do it because I can’t depend on those people, I can’t depend on them.”

The documentary promises to illustrate how their struggles over viable housing, voting laws for felons, integration, and more mirror the frustrations felt across the nation.

4 Your Eyez Only: A Dreamville Film airs on April 15th at 10 p.m. EST on HBO.