Jay Electronica Claims He’s The Rap God

While appearing at XOYO in London, Jay Electronica took a moment of his time on stage to go at Drake and J. Cole.

The rapper more known for teasing music than actually releasing it explained that he’s the God of Hip-Hop, while Drake is merely just the 6 God.

“Jay Electronica is the God of Hip-Hop. You might be the 6 God, but I am the God.”

And that was just the tip of the iceberg. Jay Electronica screamed into the mic about J. Cole not having bars as good as his too.

“I’m sorry but J. Cole ain’t got bars like this. I’m sorry, whoever your favorite rapper is, they all know that I’m the God.”

Footage of Jay Electronica’s ranting on stage has went viral. Watch him diss Drake and J. Cole in the video below.

Okay, that was fun to watch but last time I checked these two Gods of Rap actually release music, Jay.