Classic freestyle from Jay-Z which was spit live on The Blueprint Tour after 9/11 occurred. R.I.P. to anybody who lost a loved one during that tragic day. Never forget.

Bootleggers, bombers, Bin Laden
I’m still crackin’
I will not lose, I simply refuse
I drop the same date as the twin towers
I show power
Still I show compassion for others
Sent money and flowers
Devote hours
I live in the struggle
I’m addicted to the hustle*
I’m conflicted because, du'(de)
America, this land of mine*
Is filled with prisoners*
With the same plans as mine
So I’m a walking contradiction
On one hand I love my position
But easily I could have been in that prison
And no, I am not a Christian
Though I believe in God*
But I don’t believe in the devil
My beliefs are odd
If we the people was given freewill from God
How could He give the people freewill*
Without giving you E-vil?*
We will..hold it together*
Believe in the Roc
Long after you leave the spot
Long after my breathing stops
My spirit remains vibrant*
I will lead the flock
And that’s the tip of the iceberg
You might hear Christ’s words in my scriptures
But I only write it for my Niggas.. – Jay-Z